Team Development

Sharon Curry of Fathomicity has provided essential understanding of team development that has been used by the project team leaders and the team members in developing an effective team dynamic. This will also provide colour to the quantitative results of the research. The work up to this point is summarised and visualised through the use of the following mind maps, produced from participants’ immediate feedback from each key stage of the training/selection process, based upon their thoughts on a summarising sense (sight, feeling, taste, hearing, smelling) and key impressions.

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Understanding Strand Lead – Sharon Curry:

Sharon Curry Profesional

The research being conducted by Prof Andrew St George and Dr Shaun Kilminster of the INM is focused on the quantitative, statistical evaluation of AT. It became clear to the research team that a qualitative element to the programme would greatly advance the value of the project. Sharon Curry, of Fathomicity, is uniquely placed to produce detailed insights into the team dynamics and development over the course of the project; and also into the evolution and development of values and behaviours.

Ms Curry (an ex Royal Navy Officer) has already been able to set the quantitative research in the right context, and build the qualitative interpretation of the project. Her approach has been tested in national-level work on the 2015 Home Office Review of Police Leadership, and in her advisory capacity at RMAS. For AE16, it is invaluable in capturing knowledge and experience from the participants and in telling the story of the Expedition as part of its remit to Inspire, Celebrate and Educate.