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Jamie McRobie wrote on March 3, 2016
Now the team are all back home safely we have switched off the "contact the team" function . Can I suggest if you want to now contact any member of the team you go and visit them and give them a big hug ... make sure they have showered first mind. Regards Jamie (web admin)
Lee Eales from Woodbine wrote on February 29, 2016
Congratulations on your accomplishment!! Thankful for a safe journey for all!
Petra & Mark from Bath wrote on February 26, 2016
Hi Tim, hope you and the team have had a great adventure. We look forward to catching up and hearing all about it once you're home. Lots of love from Petra & family x
Douglas Ryder from Ringwood wrote on February 26, 2016
Congratulations to Tim and the Team for completing this great adventure!
Hungry from Southampton wrote on February 26, 2016
I have been following your progress all the way through very envious eyes. Well done to you all, a fabulous achievement and one that I look forward to hearing more about when you are back up this way. Safe trip home, best wishes Hungry
Sandra and Alistair Angus from Glasgow wrote on February 25, 2016
To Donald and The Team - Well done all of you! You have achieved your goal and completed a huge adventure. It was a wonderful opportunity and you all made the most of it. You are now members of a very exclusive Club. Well done! Lots of love. Mum and Dad
Richard from London wrote on February 25, 2016
Hope you are all OK. The tracker says you are back on Falklands. Info prithee 😉
Peter & Gail Bower from Leicester wrote on February 25, 2016
Hi Matt & All the Team, after midnight here & still tracking your progress ! Wish we could be there to cheer you in when you reach Stanley but if you listen you will hear us from home ! Congratulations Team, Amazing Achievement !!! See you soon Matt, Love Mum ,Dad & All Family Xx
David and Liz from Sunny Prestwick wrote on February 24, 2016
William, enjoying reading about your adventures. Spectacular achievement, warmest congratulations to everyone on the team. Your mother would be so proud. Good luck to all. David,Liz Moral
Gill from Beaconsfield wrote on February 24, 2016
Such a relief to see that little white tracker line getting nearer and nearer to port, and great to read such a lively variety of blog posts, from the lyrical (sea at night) to the comic (food, clothing, toilets!) A vivid record of such an amazing achievement. Well done to Tony and all of you. Love from Gill
Kev Oliver from Honiton wrote on February 23, 2016
Tony - great trip, loved the blog. Really well done on the crossing. Glad to see you tacking in the Southern Ocean. You'll miss all this on your next vessel which won't bounce around and will go straight into wind. Look forward to hearing the dits aboard Nanook. Regards Kev
Marie Haynes-Perks from Tunbridge Wells wrote on February 23, 2016
There are two people I would like to thank for their tireless work throughout the teams expedition to the SGSSI, and they are Stephen Wilkins, the skipper of Xplore and Gary Giles. Both have made sure that the team are safe on what is an unforgiving ocean as well as making sure us mere minions are kept informed what is going on through the frequent uploading of blogs. Thanks very much guys!
Katus from London wrote on February 22, 2016
Major Tony Hot Pot Man, it looks SOOOO nips kinda cold. No blue body paint needed to smurf up by the look of it. Great to see that white blob truckin' across the southern extremities- Quite an achievement. If you get a chance, would be great if you can fill a sink with water and confirm/refute that the water does indeed swirl down the plug hole the other way or not. Would be good to know! Safe travels back, my friend. Look forward to seeing you soon. K
Rich Coates from London wrote on February 22, 2016
AE16 team, the weather sounds horrific but you're on the final leg and doing amazing things. Not least spending all that time with Tony L. Very proud of you all, fantastic work. Rich C
Kayode Adisa from Birmingham wrote on February 21, 2016
This is so incredible! Your expedition story told in a very simple way just brings one close to the experience. I salute the inititative, the courage and the respect shown to nature/wildlife. You guys are tremendous and should consider writing a book from these stories. Big shout out to my mate Tony, see you pretty soon!
Lynn Lane from Fareham wrote on February 21, 2016
More hilarity ... the blog is brilliant! Shady with vuvuzela grapling with Rugby vs Football and defammatory commentry of Southern Hemisphere sportsmanship (not appreciated by Mrs "Southern Hemisphere" Shady, I'll have you know!) brought about laughs out loud. Homeward leg now - stay safe Love Mrs and Mini Shady XXX
Robin (Dad) Macpherson from Ramsey Cambs wrote on February 20, 2016
Bill, you know that I am a big technophobe, learned to write with chalk on a slate and find it difficult to move on. However I managed to find the right buttons to press and have really enjoyed following your progress, reading the blogs and enjoying the photos. It looks as though you are all having a good, challenging, tough and exciting time. Glad that are still able to dream up reasonable excuses for your misdemeanours - I must have taught you well or it's in the genes! Please all continue to take care and come home safe and sound. We had a little snow-white baby boy alpaca a couple of days ago and have called it AE. See you soon, love Dad and Patty.
Garth from Beaconsfield wrote on February 20, 2016
The team's report of the traversing of the island was terrifying to read - especially late at night when I first saw it. So relieved that you all came through it without mishap, and I imagine greatly enriched by the achievement. The image of you facing in to the snow to descend, kicking the points of your toes, and punching into the wall of snow to keep a purchase would be beyond most mere mortals. Congatulations to you all, and what a store of tales you will have to captivate the children!
Laura from Kabul wrote on February 19, 2016
For the team, WHATTTTT where you thinking leaving the midnight frig raider aka Molly alone on the boat with keys to the food and red wine storage? Well, I can only hope that your new friends were able to help you resupply! Has that new lock that I sent for the frig arrived yet? For Molly, I can picture you in the galley fixing your chile specialty and I must say it is far more reassuring than the images that I had in my mind's eye as I read the blog about your epic decent! The blog very well written and the accomplishment nothing short of amazing. Certainly plenty of stories to tell the grandchildren! Bye for now, Love me
Dalgety Bay Nursery from Scotland wrote on February 18, 2016
hello from the boys and girls at Dalgety Bay nursery. We like the pictures of the penguins and the Orcas. How cold is it there ? Does your food freeze outside ? We have a small Antarctica in our nursery. we like playing in the water with the ice. good luck.