Often half the challenge is simply getting to the start line itself, and this expedition has been no exception. Over two years of planning has been focused on getting us and all our equipment to this small remote island in the South Atlantic ready to embark on what should be one of the greatest adventures of our lives. With the whole team together again at last, much of the morning was taken up with a flurry of last minute administration. Life jackets had to be individually inflated, rechecked and stowed, vehicles returned, radio interviews given, rations broken down and stowed and custom clearances obtained.  As the chain of fresh rations came on board some of the team were more than a little surprised to see two new additions to the team in the form of two whole lamb carcasses. Dolly and Barbara -the afterguard – are now safely lashed to the rear guardrail and will be ‘joining’ us for dinner down south later in the trip.

Mid-morning and Antarctic Endurance received a divine blessing …..twice…….! The team were taking no chances inviting two military Padres on board to give us the best send off.

By two in the afternoon we were finally ready to take to sea but unfortunately the weather was not ready for us. The forecast was showing a powerful system moving in from the west. We could have slipped and proceeded to sea regardless, and no doubt there will be times later in the trip where we will face equally challenging conditions head on, but the expedition has always been about managing risk effectively and appropriately. In this instance the prudent choice is clear and we opted to let the system move through, allowing ourselves time for some more sail training in the relatively sheltered waters of the Falkland Islands tomorrow morning. Meanwhile Matt H and Dan took full advantage of the extended time alongside to further their pursuit of a Michelin star……… it’ll be interesting to see how well their culinary skills bear up when the galley is at 30 degrees and pitching violently……