The great wait

24 Jan 16

Today started off with a sad goodbye to our favourite wookie and team member Alex, sadly our hairy giant leaves the yacht today and the expedition. Alex kindly came out with us as a reserve in the unlikely event that someone picked up an injury. He set off with the one man story telling machine Molly Macpherson to be treated to a blow by blow account of the Falklands war where Molly served.

The rest of us thought we would put ourselves through excruciating embarrassment and made a start with some filming and documenting and a special mention has to go to Matt B who was born for the big screen!!!!!! Like a young Michael Caine!!!!! Emily Spielberg was in her element directing the lads around while the doc decided he had enough and started his own video blog in a room by himself, very Blair Witch project.

I was treated to a cooking lesson from Stephen the skipper, I don’t think he knew what he was letting himself in for. We managed to produce some fine cuisine to the astonishment of the team, I’m wasted as a diver the kitchen is the place for me. Normally I would have more to write about but it’s been a very mundane day. We are all at the stage we are itching to get going!!!! The sooner this weather changes the better!!!! We might not be saying this if the sea sickness kicks in.