Advance party in the Falklands

Tim Winter and Molly Macpherson headed down to the Falklands on 06 Jan to conduct preparations ahead of the rest of the team arriving a week later. They are based at the military airbase at Mount Pleasant and have been busy scrounging batteries for safety equipment from the stores and maps of the Island from a headquarters for team training, buying gas for the cookers from the supermarket in Stanley – all stuff that couldn’t be brought on the flight very easily. It helped having Molly here, as being a veteran from ’82 has given access to vehicles, including a helicopter flight to take the team into the centre of East Falkland for training. However, with the yacht Xplore braving blustery conditions (storm force winds and snow) in order to arrive in Stanley tomorrow, the flight for the rest of the team has been delayed by at least 3 days, throwing all the short term plans up in the air. Despite frantic efforts to make some last minute alternative arrangements, all we can do is wait. Thankfully the generosity of some of the Service and ex-Service people out here softens the blow a little!