Xplore arrives in Port Stanley


The yacht Xplore arrived in Port Stanley on the evening of 12 Jan, amid strong winds and big seas. Tim and Molly went onboard mid morning of 13 Jan to welcome Stephen Wilkins to the start of our adventure together. It provided the opportunity to give each other updates on the project and thus make plans for the coming week and a half. Tim and Molly then had to get back to Mount Pleasant to meet the freight flight and arrange for delivery to the AE16 ‘logistics hub’ (a lockable ISO container in Mare Harbour). All our personal kit that couldn’t go as baggage was there, as was the “RealMeals” from Drytech and the Thomas Mercer Chronometer. This was removed from layers of careful packaging to be found running in perfect time and looking fantastic! Now all we need is the rest of the AE16 Team!