Familiarisation and waiting for the last three

Having settled into the Mount Pleasant Complex, today the team met up with the yacht Xplore to start the first of many briefings and find out where everything is kept on board.  The way the briefings were conducted was similar to a game of Chinese whispers, with one person being briefed by Stephen – they then had to brief the next person, and once all briefed the last person will brief him – though with a couple of days until the remaining team members (Tony, Matt B and Shady) are due our memories will certainly be tested.

We also found out who we will be sharing our cabins with for the next 6 weeks.  They are all two berth cabins with cabin mates on opposite watches, so fortunately no-one will have to put up with Shady’s snoring!

Tonight we finish sorting out all our equipment, tomorrow we move on board Xplore and with any luck and a lot of crossed fingers, get the news that the final 3 team members are on their way.