Heading south

That’s us 95 miles South of Mare Harbour

Today was finally the day the whole team and I guess families & friends had been waiting for, we left Mare Harbour at 0615 an early start for most!! The weather had been kind to us and gave us an easy departure; we quickly left the Falklands behind with the whole team on deck. The decision to see what watch would stay on deck and complete the first watch was decided by the throwing of dice. A popular choice in the navy of how to decide things are done, port watch leader Shady threw a 9 as did stbd watch leader Tony, Shady threw a double 6 as did Tony, Shady finally threw a winning combination much to the cheers of stbd watch who went to sleep for the first 6 hours.

Lunch was sandwiches followed by cuppa soups bringing warmth to port watch on deck as the temperature has slowly started to fall as we travel further South. We have seen various types of Albatross gliding across the swell looking for their next meal, As well as penguins jumping through the sea. Dinner was eaten on deck for both watches as it is easier for some of the crew to keep it down with the swell of the sea taking its toll. Beef stew it was simple but warming.

As we sail further South tonight the sky looks amazing with its different cloud formations. The forecast for tomorrow looks promising for sunbathing but not for sailing with clear blue skies and gentle winds, this is not the South Atlantic Ocean I was expecting!


26 Jan 16

Tony, Matt H, Dan, Emily & Kris of Stbd watch enjoying the first evening watch of the expedition  currently at 53 18S 057 36W @ 2359UTC