Port Watch

Day 2 of our epic journey found the team 260 miles south of Mare Harbour.
Night brought to our intrepid team of explorers a respite from the slightly rougher seas we’d experienced throughout the previous afternoon. As the early hours of the morning came upon us, the seas laid right down, as did the wind. Dawn came bright and hot; yes, friends, you read that correctly. The golden sun thoroughly warmed the Port Watch as we relaxed on the upper decks,  novels and tobacco pipes to hand. It was a rather an un-Antarctic experience, better suited to the balmy waters of the Mediterranean than to the Southern Ocean, but enjoyed nonetheless.
Wildlife has been a constant source of delight to the team as we’ve watched in fascination both wandering and sooty albatrosses swooping inches above the water in an aerial ballet. The afternoon watch was treated to the sight of pilot whales swimming close by and also of a pod of common porpoises  frolicking in the waves.
Our gallant captain, Stephen, produced a wonderful and filling corn chowder for lunch; it was relished by both watches as we sat on the upper deck enjoying the warm breezes. Dinner consisted of bolognaise, a final gift from Caroline.
And now the evening watch is on deck, the weather has turned as the breeze freshens and the sky fills with clouds. The shanties are playing, wets are to hand; the end of a fine day at sea.
The gallant band of miscreants in the Port Watch enjoying the evening breezes: L to R; Donald, Shady, Molly, Josh, and Matt B. 27 Jan 16 2354 UTC, position 5610.16S 05730.49W